Supply chain 

Al_Mansour’s supply chain is the lynchpin of the company’s operational model. In compliance with the highest international industry standards, Al_Mansour implements the internationally recognized Sales & Operational Planning process as it pertains to its supply chain, ensuring that planning, purchasing and logistics workstreams are synchronized, streamlined and carried out in close coordination.

The effort the company puts into production planning, purchasing and the integration of the distribution function into overall operations are key strengths that set Al_Mansour apart from our peers.

The quality of materials determine the quality of our products, and Al_Mansour has a number of processes and policies in place to ensure that only the highest quality, freshest materials are used. Materials are sourced from both domestic and international suppliers, with 73% of all materials sourced locally, with the balance coming from suppliers from countries ranging from North America to Europe to the Middle East. All suppliers, both domestic and international, must adhere to Al_Mansour’s strict quality standards.

For sourcing inputs, a key part of the company’s overall strategy is to avoid relying on a sole supplier to obtain raw materials so as to reduce any potential leverage a certain supplier might have on the company; whether in terms of pricing, quality or delivery. Likewise, the company seeks to keep supplies secure by working only with proven responsible and reliable suppliers.