About us

‘‘Peace, mercy, and blessings of God. I would like to thank all of our customers who have put their trust in us and our products and become our partners in success. We convey our goals and strategies for supporting the food industry. We are one of the leading companies in its field and we contribute to advancing the economic development of our beloved country Egypt, mainly in the food industry market.

Our strategic vision is to be one of the leading companies in the food industry for wholesalers and retailers working in the light food sector. This vision is focused on integrating the best employees in this field based on modern scientific bases using the standard international machines for the confectionery and cake industry. We are able to meet the aspirations of the Egyptian and Arab markets to supply our various products efficiently and of high quality.

Our success was achieved first by God Almighty and secondly by the team of over 500 workers and employees of AL-Mansour Sweets, who represent the large AL-Mansour family, thanking them for their dedication to the work that helped us achieve this success. We also commit ourselves to morals to complete and continue this path of success, asking God to always make us worthy of this status reached by AL-Mansour Sweets in the hearts of its customers.’’

— Mr. Fathy AL-Saeed AL-Said Mansour, Chairman of the board of directors.

Members of the board of directors:

  • Mr. Mohamed Mansour

  • Mr. El Said Mansour

  • Mr. Saad Mansour

  • Mr. Abd El Halim Mansour


AL-Mansour Sweets Company is a leading manufacturer of sweets and cakes in Egypt and the Middle East. It also works to reach all its customers locally and abroad and gain customer confidence by raising the level of quality compared to prices.


AL-Mansour Sweets seeks to satisfy customers, win their confidence through its continuous commitment of following the best safety and quality standards. Along with producing the best ranges of delicious and safe food products for the health of our children. We stick consistently to the best ingredients and raw materials from the best sources and suppliers.